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Hawley’s three-person road crew (Gary Mitchell, superintendent; Chris Tirone, full-time worker; Brandon Reynolds, part-time worker) labors year round to keep up with Hawley’s extensive roads. Their job isn’t always easy, but they work hard.

The road staff would like to remind residents that no one should park along the road for very long in the winter–and that snow from driveways should not be pushed into the road; that practice makes the crew’s work more difficult.

If you spot an issue on the road near you that you think needs to be addressed, call the Highway Garage at 413 339-5509 and leave a message for Gary. In case of an emergency (a tree blocking the road near you, etc.) call Tinky at the Town Office at 413 339-5518 or at home at 413 339-4747, and she will try to get in touch with Gary.

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