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Selectmen are a town’s executive officers

Voters elect them serve on to the Board of Selectmen. Hawley has three Selectmen. They are authorized to call a Town Meeting, provided that they have posted a warrant. In small towns like Hawley, the Board of Selectmen (a.k.a. Selectboard) runs the town’s operations and supervises its workers.

In Hawley, the Selectboard also serves as the Town’s Board of Health and its Zoning Board of Appeals.

In 2023, Hawley’s Selectmen are Will Cosby, chair; Hussain Hamdan, chair, Board of Health; and Bob MacLean. To contact this board, call 413 339-5518 or email The board meets every other Tuesday at 7 p.m.

Left to Right: Bob MacLean, Will Cosby, and Hussain Hamdan

Official Documents

Selectboard minutes from 2008 forward can be found in the Town’s online minutes archive. For older minutes, please consult Tinky Weisblat, the Board’s Gal Friday.

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