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It is the mission of the Hawlemont Regional School Committee to provide students at Hawlemont Regional School with the tools to achieve academic excellence, the curiosity to sustain lifelong learning and the critical thinking essential to becoming active, engaged citizens. The School Committee is a fiscally responsible advocate for our schools, working collaboratively. The School committee conducts its activities openly, encouraging the participation of educators, administrators, local officials, parents, students, and citizens.

The Hawlemont School Committee is made up of three representatives from each of the two member towns, Charlemont and Hawley. Hawley’s current representatives are Ken Bertsch, Liz Billings, and Peggy Travers.

The School Committee meets monthly. Subcommittees meet monthly, or more often as needed.

The subcommittees are: Budget, Personnel, Policy, and Transportation.

Hawley also has a representative to Hawlemont’s Local Education Council (LEC). This group includes parents, staff, and community members who serve as an advisory board for the principal under the state’s mandate for more local control of schools. Our representative to the LEC is Suzanne Crawford.

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The HAY Program helps students learn about our farming heritage.

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