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The Hawley Board of Assessors is responsible for maintaining a list (a description, photos, and maps) of every parcel of real property––including, but not limited to, land, dwellings, barns, garages, shops, power installations, and other improvements––within the confines of the Town of Hawley. It is the job of the Assessors to place a valuation (that statistically reflects fair market value) on all real estate and personal property items within the Town.

Assessment Forms

The Valuation Mandate

According to Massachusetts Law, all properties within a Town must be verified by the Assessors every ten years. The Hawley Assessors strive to complete this every five years instead; they verify (by visit or questionnaire) roughly 20 percent of all Hawley properties every year. In addition, the Assessors visit and/or review every property where new construction, renovations, upgrades, or downgrades may have taken place. In addition, the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) requires a “revaluation” to be done every five years, which involves additional statistical analyses to confirm fair and equitable valuations throughout town.​

Valuation Process

The process of valuation is by no means an arbitrary one. The Assessors view the properties and in some cases make or reconfirm measurements. These data are then uploaded into a structured computer program with established cost tables, which in turn calculates the valuations.  Property owners are able to view the details of their assessments (available through  the Public Access Database) and are encouraged to ask questions.

Abatements and Exemptions

In addition to the general valuation process, the Board of Assessors also reviews, investigates, and rules on tax abatement requests from those qualifying Hawley property owners who submit them. The Board also processes exemptions for the elderly (aged 70 and up), disabled veterans, widows/widowers, and persons who are blind, on the same basis.

Current Board Members

All members of the Board of Assessors are elected for a term of three years. Generally, one election (or reelection) is held every year. The current Assessors for the Town of Hawley are Ed Brady (chair), Wayne Lemoine, and Jeff Carantit.

The Assessors are assisted by Virginia Gabert.


Monthly meetings of the Board of Assessors are held at 5 p.m. on the first Wednesday of every month at the Town Office. All Hawley residents and/or property owners may attend.

Plans and Priorities

The main priority of the Board is to complete the assessment process for each year, and assess all properties in a fair and equitable manner.  Hawley will be going through a Revaluation year in FY25, so additional information requests will be mailed out starting in the autumn. After the statistical analyses are performed and DOR preliminary approval has been received, “Impact Notices” will be mailed indicating any change in value.  The Assessors appreciate cooperation through this procedure, in order to ensure the establishment of fair and equitable values.

If you have questions about the assessment process or about scheduling a visit, call the Town Office at (413) 339-5518 or send an email here.

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