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Getting Ready for a Hectic May

Hello, Hawleyites—I’m writing this on a (finally!) gorgeous sunny spring day. I hope you all manage to take in some fresh air this weekend. We have A LOT of upcoming events.

Election Specifics

Some people noted that the last e-news didn’t mention who was running for which positions in our May 6 (Monday!) town election. Here’s the low down. As far as I know, there are no contested offices.

Selectman for 3 Years—Robert MacLean

Assessor for 3 Years–Jeff Carantit

Auditor for 1 Year—There is no one on the ballot, but Ashley Harrison, our current auditor, says she would be happy to be written in.

Hawlemont School Committee for 3 Years—Peggy Travers

Hawlemont School Committee for 1 Year—There is no one running officially, but Kiley Turner has volunteered to be written in.

Moderator—Again no one is running, but current moderator Scott Purinton says he would be happy to serve again if written in.

Just in case you don’t know Kiley Turner (she’s relatively new to town but not to the area, as you will see), here is a brief introduction she wrote:

My husband and I and our two daughters moved to Hawley in 2022. I’m born and raised in Shelburne Falls and got my own education in the Mohawk Trail School District. My mother spent her whole career as a teacher at Hawlemont and was an essential part of implementing the HAY program, so I have a lot of insight into how Hawlemont operates and their goals. I have one daughter at Hawlemont now and my other will be attending when she’s old enough, so we’re very invested in the well-being of the district. 

Annual Town Meeting

Speaking of voting … our Annual Town Meeting will take place a week after the election, on Monday, May 13, at 7 p.m. Please join us for this annual tradition in which the people of Hawley authorize the money we spend year round. The election warrant may be found on our website at

Town Reports

The warrant is also in the 2023 Town Report, which details what each of Hawley’s committees, schools, and affiliated agencies were up to last year. Copies of the Town Report are available in the Town Office whenever it is open or by appointment with me, Tinky (339-4747). It may also be read on the website at, but you really deserve your very own copy!

Committee Openings

If you’d like to get involved in town government, please consider volunteering to serve on a committee or commission. We have several openings, and the other members of each group will be happy to fill you in on what they do! Here are the openings:

The Personnel Committee has TWO openings. It doesn’t meet often, but it’s crucial to the workings of the town when Hawley is hiring people or deciding on employee etiquette.

The Planning Board works with other town entities to preserve the rural nature of our landscape.

The Historical Commission is also in need of a member.

Please contact me, Tinky, if you want to know more about any of these positions.

DOGS (again, I know!)

Those of you who have not yet licensed your dogs for 2024 have until the end of this month (i.e., Tuesday the 30th) to do so. In May I’ll give the list of non-licensed dogs to our dog officer, Chris Tirone. So please get in touch with me, Tinky, at 339-5518 (office) or 339-4747 (home). If your dog died in the past year, please let me know about that, and I’ll take you off the dog list.

Small Business Webinar

Businesses in our community are invited to a webinar hosted by Senator Ed Markey titled “Small Businesses’ Participation in the Clean Energy Economy.”  The webinar wlll take place on Tuesday, April 30, from 2:30 to 3:30p.m., during National Small Business Week.

Senator Markey will deliver opening remarks ahead of a presentation from the Black Economic Council of Massachusetts (BECMA) to discuss their work assisting local businesses break into the electric vehicle (EV) industry. Following BECMA’s presentation, experts from the Department of  the Treasury and the Small Business Administration will provide an overview of clean energy tax credits in the Inflation Reduction Act and other resources to assist small businesses participate in the clean energy economy. After the presentations, there will be a moderated Q&A.

Register and submit questions for the Q&A here

Help Wanted

Our sister town of Plainfield is looking for an assistant assessor. Details of the job may be found here.

A School Celebration

Hawlemont School will host its annual school celebration on Friday, May 17, from 4:30 to 7 p.m. The day will feature student exhibits, an art show, a plant sale, and a taco bar … among other treats. Come see what our youngsters have been up to!

And a Concert!

On Wednesday, May 15, at 10:30 a.m. pianist Jerry Noble and chanteuse Tinky Weisblat will present “Fun With Alice: Songs of Remembrance,” recreating songs Tinky performed with the late Alice Parker when the two were known far and wide (at least locally) as the Divas of Hawley. This free concert is sponsored by the Charlemont-Hawley Senior Center and the Charlemont-Hawley Arts Council. See the poster below for more details.

That’s it for now. Happy spring (at last!), and happy Passover to those of you who celebrate that holiday.

Your Gal Friday,


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