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Every two years, Hawley surveys its residents about certain information that may be relevant in an emergency. We collect information on things like whether your household has a landline, needs electricity to provide heat and water, or has a generator. We also collect information on whether anyone in your household has special medical needs or requires special accommodations.

Finally, the survey lets you provide information on how you may be willing to volunteer to assist the community in the event of a disaster, such as checking on neighbors or loaning your chainsaw or tractor (and yourself to run it) to the town.

This survey is 100-percent voluntary. You are not required to fill it out. It is also confidential and is only seen by members of the Fire Department and Emergency Services, so we strongly encourage you to fill it out. You may find it here either in MS-Word format or as a PDF.

While the survey is sent out every two years, you can send in an updated one in at any time if your situation has changed or if you haven’t responded already. To do so, print off the form below, fill it out, and mail it to:

Town of Hawley
Attention: Emergency Services
8 Pudding Hollow Road
Hawley, MA 01339

If you prefer to fill out the form and email it, send the completed form to with the words “CONFIDENTIAL: Emergency Needs Survey” in the subject line.

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